Shrub trimming is very essential for the shrubs at your home.

When maintained and pruned regularly, shrubs can show their proper character, shape and size.

Shrub trimming on your property can increase curb appeal.

Overgrown shrubs on your property reduce curb appeal. Shrub removal is an easy way to fix up your property, but is a backbreaking job that can cause more problems than it solves if not done properly!  Leave the dirty work to us.

Shrub trimming also enables for that shrub to achieve its optimal flowering and health potential. Please realize that our experienced shrub trimming crews at Arrow Tree and Landscaping can make each cut using the plant’s health in mind.

  • We’ll thoroughly remove shrubs, branches and leaves.
  • We’ll grind the shrubs into nutrient-rich mulch that you can then spread on your property!
  • We’ll properly dispose of remaining debris
  • We’ll handle all aspects of shrub removal – from trimming to debris hauling.

When trimming or pruning shrubs, there are many kinds of pruning practices worth analyzing:

Renewal trimming (Rejuvenation)

Probably the most common methods to maintain healthy and beautiful shrubs requires the trimming and elimination of roughly one-4th from the matures stems close to the shrub’s base. By thinning the bottom, we permit the shrub to help keep its shape and character while allowing additional sunlight to achieve the bottom area. As with other plants, most shrubs require sunlight to create healthy foliage and growth.

Selective trimming

Shrubs inside your landscape possess a natural shape and size that may be preserved through selective pruning and trimming. Precise cuts can be created close to the branch collars which utilizes their inherit protective tissues. Selective trimming may also be used to attain certain appearance in order to remove any dead, dying or diseased branches.


Regrettably, shearing is becoming more prevalent mainly in the commercial landscaping industry. Rather of taking out the earliest branches, individuals dying of disease and decay, or perhaps a possibly a crowded area near the bottom of the shrub, shearing controls height all around the shrub but additionally causes the dying of healthy branches and shoots.
While using correct shrub trimming techniques will enhance the all around health, vigor and search of the shrubs. We have Arborists within the company who’re happy to talk with you regarding any queries that you simply many have regarding shrub trimming.
We can also help you with your fall clean up of your property.