Arrow Tree and Landscaping Services in Prescott Arizona

 Arrow Tree and Landscaping offers a wide range of services above and beyond defensible space.  We are a full service landscaping company, providing care to residents and businesses around the Tri-City area of Prescott, Chino Valley and Prescott Valley Arizona.

We have worked to create landscapes that deserve to be the backdrop for your life and work.  We maintain the highest levels of service and provide absolute attention to detail. Earth-friendly, beautiful to look at, and always professional.

We are committed to making your home or workplace the environment you deserve. We create defensible space around homes, businesses, communities, subdivisions, state land and national forest.

We go above and beyond our normal duties.  It’s important to us to leave your property knowing its safer and you’re more educated.

Arrow Tree and Landscaping makes the earth more beautiful.

Tree Removal

We can safely and professionally remove damaged, diseased, and unwanted trees, even in difficult locations. Tree removal can also be used to transplant a tree from one location to another.

Tree Pruning

Canopy reduction, raising, thinning and deadwooding are all ways to prune your tree. Certified arborists will examine your tree to determine which branches should be trimmed, thinned or removed. This promotes optimal branch structure, beauty and vitality while maintaining tree safety.

Tree Trimming

We trim trees for overall health or to remove visual or safety obstructions. Whatever need you have for tree trimming we can accommodate without sacrificing the health of your trees.

Tree Hazard Removal

When unforeseen conditions damage trees and cause them to fall on your property they create numerous safety hazards. These include trees that have the trunk split in half or fully or partially fallen trees. When these emergencies happen, we will go over all options with you to address how best to remove or grind the damaged tree.

Cabling and Bracing

Supplemental structural supports such as cables and brace rods are used to reduce the risk of failure on weak branches and multiple stems. Once installed, the movements of the supported branches are limited, thus providing support from twisting forces during inclement weather.


Arrow Tree and Landscaping can help you neatly organize the borders of your outdoor space — outlining your driveways, walkways, or your entire yard. When you call us for a free consultation we’ll go over all your arborist landscaping options so you can decide how you’d like to organize the plants on your property.

Stump Grinding

All traces of your old trees can be removed by grinding the stumps and unwanted roots. This is beneficial in that it prevents termites, ants and bees from inhabiting the wood as well as keeps your outdoor living space free of trip hazards. For a finished look why not let us haul the stump mulch away and backfill with topsoil.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is the final step in the tree removal process, where the stump and root system of the tree are completely removed from your property. Whenever possible, we remove the stump and grind the remainder of the tree that can be reused as nutrient-rich mulch for gardening or seeding.

Brush Removal

When vegetation other than trees is making a property look unsightly, or threatening the health of your property, we have the expertise to remedy this as well. We can safely remove any plant or group of plants, overgrown brush or hedge, from your property.

Root Barrier

Root barriers are used to keep roots from growing under sidewalks, drive ways and other infrastructure. A properly placed root barrier will hold back or redirect root growth for up to 10-15 years.

Tree Planting

At Arrow Tree and Landscaping, we love trees for many reasons! They combat the green house effect, they clean the air, they provide oxygen and they cool the streets and the city as well as your home. Trees conserve energy, they help prevent soil erosion, they block unsightly views, they muffle sound from nearby streets, trees absorb dust and wind and reduce glare and they increase property value! We would love to plant a tree in your yard!

Each Arrow Tree and Landscaping makes your home look beautiful. home is different, whether it be size, fuel model, on a mountain or in a valley, we have a solution for it!
Would you like a little help taking care of your trees throughout the year? In need of emergency post-storm clean up services?

With a full range of tree care services,
you’ll get the help you need from Arrow Tree and Landscaping.


Working as a team, we integrate your ideas with our experience and professional knowledge. We believe landscapes, when properly designed and constructed, enhance the value of the surrounding environment.

Landscaping should add value to your home, not detract from it. Professionally designed and installed landscaping will increase the value of your home by 6 to 12 %.

In fact, landscaping is one of the few home improvements you can make that not only adds value immediately but also increases in value as years go by.

Decor inside your home has a tendency to go out of style while plantings in your landscape grow more full and robust over time.

Our objective is to achieve maximum value and balance to the project within defined cost parameters.