Aside from aesthetic appeal, professional landscape lighting can actually make your property more safe and secure.

Whether you’re looking to showcase your entire landscape, or just to accent a favorite tree or water feature, our landscape lighting professionals will help develop a design that works for you.

A well-lit property is also proven to deter potential home intruders, who prefer to work in the dark.

Landscape lighting is the best way to get the most value from your landscape investment. Our efficient, low-voltage lighting designs allow you to enjoy your landscape even after the sun goes down.

Lighting along steps and walkways reduces the risk of accident and injury, especially in winter months, with limited daylight and slick conditions.

Landscape lighting does not only enhance the overall landscape but it will extend the time to fully enjoy your backyard and provides safety and security for the homeowners and your visitors. By lighting up the steps and walkways, accidents can be avoided due to a dark environment. It is also advisable to place light in strategic points to light up the yard for any intruders, increasing the security and safety of the family and property.

Residential neighborhoods aren’t the only areas that benefits from a professional outdoor lighting design. Research shows that businesses that keep their property lit at night help their community, too.

A landscape lighting design can do wonders for a home or business. Professional landscaping increases the value of a property, and a well-designed lighting plan adds to that value. It also looks better than most of the do it yourself kits you can purchase from home improvement stores. Hiring a fully-licensed contractor also gives you access to ideas and materials you may not have thought about before, opening up a world of possibilities. In the end, you can’t go wrong with a professional outdoor lighting design.

Our lighting experts at Arrow Tree and Landscaping will inspect your property and make recommendations to improve security and safety.


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