Fire Pits and Fireplaces for family time or party time create a centerpiece for your evening entertainment. From freestanding or built in fire rings to a fireplace with a pizza oven we will help you find the perfect addition to your patio.

Outdoor Fire Pits – Design and Installation

As part of our outdoor livings space projects, Arrow Tree and Landscaping will often incorporate an outdoor fire pit. They provide warmth and interest on cooler nights and allow you to be outside comfortably in almost any weather.

When properly integrated into your outdoor living space, a fire pit is a great addition. The design options for fire pits are endless. Contemporary, rustic, integrated into a patio, or a stand alone feature that draws your guests out into the yard to experience your landscape are just some of the options.

Fire pits are a great way to extend the usable time of your outdoor living space and deliver great ambiance to your outdoor evenings. Arrow Tree and Landscaping can build fire pits that burn wood, natural gas or propane for the ultimate in convenience.

Outdoor Fire Pit Design                                                

 Here are some things to think about before your design consultation:

Fire Pit Materials – What do you want the fire pit made out of? Natural stone and pavers are very popular, but we’ve also built contemporary designs out of stucco or more rustic designs out of natural boulders that blend into your landscape. The options are endless, from a stacked stone patio fire pit to a flagstone fire pit design. Arrow Tree and Landscaping love working with our clients while they think about their decisions.

Outdoor Lighting – Think about integrated lighting for safety and interest. Our designers at Arrow Tree and Landscaping can incorporate a lighting plan that highlights the beauty of your fire pit and allows safe access at all hours.

Location – Think of how your guests flow during a party. Do you want room for a crowd to gather around your blazing fire?  How about an intimate spot just for two to enjoy and relax?

Fuel Source – Firewood is great and offers the real experience, but there is something to be said for flipping a switch inside your house to start the fire before you walk out. We build both types and our designers can go over all of your options.

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