As summer begins to wind down, we think about fall clean-up and start seeing reminders that fall is on its way.

Think about fall clean-up. As summer begins to wind down, we start seeing reminders that fall is on its way.

Fall also means leaves.

All summer long leaves give us shade from the sun and shelter from the rain if we forget our umbrella. However, once Fall gets here they give us a lot of work. Every year its the same thing: rake up all the leaves, toss them in bags, and try to think of something useful to do with them if we don’t forget about them entirely.

So What Are the Options?

1)Don’t do a anything. Just leave them there and forget about it until spring.

This is super easy. The leaves come down, and they stay there. All winter. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Not exactly. The downside of this is that leaves rot. Over the course of the Winter and early Spring, the leaves will break down and decompose all over the grass you worked so hard to grow all summer.

When you combine the rot with moisture from the melting snow, you are likely to get fungus and all sorts of other nasty things growing by the time you start thinking about getting the lawn mower out. You will likely be raking them up in the spring anyway, but the damage has already been done. Rotten leaves change the PH of your soil, making it difficult to grow grass. This often results in patchy, thin grass in spring.

Option #2: Have a Fall Cleanup done.

This is also super easy. Once all the leaves are down, we come by with leaf-blowers and a mower. We set about getting the vast majority of your fallen leaves into a pile and eventually loaded up into our truck. While all this is happening, one of our horticulturists goes around and does all your perennial cutbacks.

We then take everything away, leaving your yard almost entirely leaf-free and mowed! No leaves left behind means no rotten soggy mess to clean up come Spring, and a healthier lawn for the following growing-season. We would like to mention that most cleanups take an hour or less.

So, you can either skip the Fall Clean-up, and end up doing a ton of work cleaning up the mess in the springtime OR you can do yourself a favor and get a Fall Clean-up from Arrow Tree and Landscaping, which will make your spring cleaning a snap. No rotten leaves, no nasty fungus, just a fresh clean lawn ready for spring.

Fall clean-up leavesStill Need Convincing?

Your typical Fall Clean-up usually takes about an hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less. A yard cleaned-up in the fall should have a minimal Spring Clean-up because most of the work was done the previous fall.

Easy cleanup in the fall means an even easier cleanup in the spring. No cleanup in the fall means a MASSIVE cleanup in the spring. Dry, freshly-fallen leaves are a lot easier to clean-up than soggy rotten leafy-globs. Doing all the work during the spring time will make everything harder, and cost you more time, energy, and money.

If you skip the fall clean-up, you could see a monstrous project in the spring. Skipping the cleanup in the fall doesn’t mean that your spring cleanup will be twice as long, it means it could be 3-4 times as long.

The leaves will fall from your tree. You decide what happens next. When we are involved we consult you on your preferences to ensure our crews provide a quality fall clean up as every property is different and every homeowner has different preferences.

We strongly recommend not leaving too many fallen leaves in your yard. In areas around the foundation you might find that mice, rats and other rodents have found their way to a new home for the winter. Please know that mice can also be a health hazard as mice and ticks can carry Lyme disease.

During a fall clean-up we clear leaves and small debris off the lawn, property and hard surfaces. Using power leaf blowers, rakes, tarps and any other necessary tools we remove as many fallen leaves as possible from the property or blow them to a desired location.

Additionally, most perennials can be trimmed or cut back in the fall which can be done as a separate service if requested or necessary.

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